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Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife conservation is paramount on Salt Spring Island. This page provides information on threatened or endangered animal species on and around the Island as well as links to websites offering more details.

Threatened and Endangered Species

  • Killer Whale (Northeast Pacific southern resident population)
  • Killer Whale (Northeast Pacific transient population)
  • Vancouver Island Beggarticks

Source: Environment Canada, Canadian Wildlife Service. 2004. Species at Risk Web Mapping Application (http://www.sis.ec.gc.ca/ec_species/ec_species_e.phtml), accessed on October 14, 2005.

Small Ways to Help

Monarch butterfly
When on your wildlife viewing excursion, practice the ‘Leave No Trace Ethic’ which means, as the name implies, limiting human impact on the wilderness.

Make an effort to clean up after yourself, stay on intended trails rather than trampling over undergrowth, and leave things as you found them.

If you turn over rocks in your beach exploration, replace them as they were. Ensure that all your trash leaves with you, including cigarette butts and the like. The more tourism activity grows on Salt Spring Island, the more important the ‘Leave No Trace Ethic’ becomes.

Marine and Wildlife Conservation Sites

ARKive – Images of Life on Earth
This fun and fascinating site puts a fresh new spin on wildlife conservation. We found ourselves leaning up close to the computer monitor “Wowing” in awe as we viewed the movie clips. The premise behind this worthy mission is to create a sight and sound recording of the wonderful creatures that inhabit our planet. A word of warning… it can be a touch addictive. Enjoy!

Environment Canada – Species at Risk
Wildlife conservation information to help you determine the presence of SARA Schedule 1 species (endangered, threatened, and special concern risk categories) in any region of Canada.