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Reach Salt Spring, largest of the Gulf Islands by one of these methods

The Gulf Islands can be accessed in a variety of ways, especially if you’re not bringing a vehicle. If you are coming by car, the only option is the ferry. This page has details on each mode of travel to Salt Spring Island…

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If you’re flying from another location, you can land at any of the following airports…

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If you’d like to avoid an extra hotel stay in the airport city, try to secure a flight that lands no later than mid-afternoon. That way there’s still plenty of day-time left to finish the voyage across the water.

From the airport, you’ll have access to one of the following services (water taxi, ferry, or seaplane) to reach Salt Spring.


Fulford ferry approaching Salt Spring Island.Drive your vehicle, walk on, or bring your bicycle. Find out all about how and where to access Salt Spring Island by BC ferry. Car, scooter, and bicycle rentals are available on Salt Spring. Plus there’s a transit system which covers much of the island. Check our ‘Getting Around’ page for details.


Float plane at Ganges Harbour on Salt Spring Island, BCAccess Salt Spring Island by float plane from Vancouver or Seattle. This is a great option if you’re traveling light and not bringing a vehicle. View this special corner of the world from above on a spectacular seaplane tour. A few local companies operate out of Ganges Harbour on Salt Spring.


Unique sailboat in waters around Saltspring Island, BC.Bring your bicycle and/or camping gear and travel throughout the islands on one of the water taxis. You’ll be delivered right into the heart of downtown Ganges where you can easily walk to all amenities. These vessels are extremely seaworthy and are captained by experienced crew. Students from surrounding islands use the water taxi to travel to and from school on a daily basis.


Sailing throughout the Sailboat in waters around Saltspring Island, BC.
Gulf Islands allows you to see the varied landscape of the islands from a unique perspective. And it gets you up close and personal with the marine aspect of visiting this Pacific paradise. See our page on sailing around Salt Spring for details on tide tables, marinas/moorage, and related information.

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