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Discover Salt Spring Island

Salt Spring Island sunset

At the bottom of the chain of Canada’s Southern Gulf Islands, you will discover Salt Spring Island.

A serene environment to take in the soothing sounds and sights of nature. Rugged mountains and beaches, old growth forests and fresh, unpolluted air.

But also a hub of creative energy!

Full of colourful characters and artists of all descriptions… musicians, painters, sculptors, novelists, etc. The combination of nature, spirituality, creativity and a ‘back to basics’ lifestyle with generous sprinklings of whimsy and free-spiritedness makes a visit to Salt Spring an unforgettable experience.

Find your ideal place to stay

Lodging on Salt Spring ranges from wooded hideaways to elegant waterfront homes. Our accommodations section breaks down the best places to stay for the kind of island experience you wish to have.


There are so many options! Here are just a few Salt Spring Island activities

Explore the land and seas!

» Get out on the water

Canada’s Gulf Islands are a popular destination for ocean kayaking, boating/sailing, world-class scuba diving, and fresh or salt water fishing.

» Hit the trails!

Take a hike and witness a variety of landscape treasures at each destination. The views from the heights make even the most challenging trek (ahem.. Mt. Erskine) worth the effort.

» Check out the beaches

Pack a lunch and stroll the beaches, hunting for crabs and critters along the way. Kids of all sizes love watching the clams spit up through the sand a few feet in the air!

» Love and Romance

Salt Spring is the ideal destination for a romantic getaway or the ultimate Island wedding!

» Enjoy some local events

There’s always something happening here, no matter what the season. Live music, outdoor markets, studio tours, performances, etc. Check out details on some of the Saltspring events and attractions that occur throughout the year.

Watch the wildlife!

Home to several endangered animal species, as well as rare and protected plants, Salt Spring Island is an absolute haven for naturalists!

If you’re a birder or a nature lover, you’ll appreciate the vast range of birds and wildlife that inhabit the island. And of course, there are the whales! Learn about the residents pods and, if you’re lucky, catch a glimpse of them in their natural environment on a Pacific whale watching trip.

If you can’t see all of the attractions on your first visit, don’t worry, this coastal gem has a way of calling people back. Whether you’re seeking solitude, looking to commune with nature, or out for adventure, come and discover Salt Spring Island!

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