Great Blue Heron (Ardea Herodias)

Witness Salt Spring Island’s Natural Splendor

Seal family lounging on the docksWildlife viewing opportunities are vast and varied on Salt Spring Island.

Great for a bird watching vacation, whale watching trip, or even just sitting back watching the raccoons foraging around your cabin for food.

Spot seals basking on the seashore or comb the beaches peeking under rocks to watch the crabs scramble for cover.

Wildlife photography opportunities abound on and around Salt Spring Island. Take a hike or rent a boat or kayak for a memorable wildlife viewing nature tour. Each destination you journey to will offer a unique glimpse of the unspoiled natural world on Salt Spring Island.

Here’s a quick overview of the most common wildlife you’ll see…


An occasional bear or cougar does venture over to our quiet island. They most often swim across the Sansum Narrows.

Wildlife officers (with the help of locals) track these animals and the public is alerted through local communications and kept abreast of the visiting animal’s ‘activities’ and location.

So, although these occurrences are rare, it does happen and you should be aware of that when you visit the island.

  • Stellar’s and California sea lions
  • Harbor seals
  • Whales (Grey, Humpback & Orcas)
  • Dall’s and Harbour porpoises
  • raccoons
  • weasels
  • mink
  • deer

These pages offer a sampling of what you might see on your wildlife tour to Salt Spring Island.

Whale Watching Trip

Bird Watching Vacation

Environmental and wildlife conservation are critical elements in keeping the unspoiled wilderness on Salt Spring just that… UNspoiled. If you’re visiting the island, please keep your impact on the environment to a minimum. Please observe these basic guidelines for wildlife conservation.

Exploring The Species

Heron fishing in the ocean
A closer look at some of the fascinating species that live on and around Salt Spring Island.

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