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Salt Spring Island Activities

Salt Spring offers so many varied types of vacations, satisfying a wide range of interests. Browse this section for ideas and activities to include in your trip itinerary.


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Also check out the major Saltspring events and attractions that happen throughout the year.


Rainbow Road Swimming Pool

Rainbow Road Swimming Pool on Salt Spring Island.
Located on (you guessed it!) Rainbow Road, the community swimming pool opened in early 2008. The new pool has a nice big hot tub and a sunny outdoor deck space. On the grounds, a small, fenced dog park is available and a workout bar system has been installed.

Contact the pool at 250-537-1402 for schedule info

Movie Theatre

The Fritz cinema
The Fritz Theatre (named after Fritz the Cat, who made the theatre his home and charmed his way into the hearts of many community members) is a great place to spend a few hours… especially on a rainy day!

The theatre, housed at Central Hall, is tiny and quaint. And… in true Salt Spring style, organic popcorn with real butter! Yum.

Call 250-537-4656 for current show times.

Climbing Wall

Salt Spring Community Services provides an indoor climbing facility. Their hours are very limited, but if you catch them at the right time it can be a fun way to spend a few hours.

See their dedicated web page for more information.


There’s never a shortage of outdoor activities on and around Salt Spring, regardless of the season! Here are some favorites…

Golf Course

Salt Spring Island Golf and Country ClubThe island has a beautiful, moderately challenging 9-hole golf course, which operates throughout the entire year (weather permitting). Or if you prefer, visit the recently added indoor tennis courts, or the restaurant/lounge.

Check out our page on the Salt Spring Island Golf & Country Club for more details.


Hiking trail with markerThis is probably the most obvious of outdoor activities on the island. There are trails for hikers of all skill levels, from a leisurely stroll (Mouat Park) to more challenging treks (Mt. Erskine).

Many of the trails are maintained by the Salt Spring Parks and Recreation Commission (PARC). Details on each of those trails is available on their website. Go here to see the list

Trails within the Provincial Parks are not maintained by PARC. Those trails include Mt. Erskine, Mt. Maxwell and Burgoyne Bay. Some of the most popular and picturesque of all the trails.

For full details on Salt Spring’s hiking trails, you may want to get a copy of Hiking the Gulf Islands: An Outdoor Guide to BC’s Enchanted Isles This is a handy guide to have along so you can make the most of the hiking opportunities on the island, and also from a safety perspective, the information in this guide can keep you on course out there.

Many of the hiking trails intersect and the deer make their own well-trod trails that can convincingly pass as a deliberate route for humans and lead you astray. Know the route you’re going to take before you venture out and pay attention to the signs. Most of the PARC maintained trails are very well marked, but the trails within the Provincial Parks can be trickier to navigate. And those happen to be in the most isolated areas.

Wildlife Viewing (get detailed info on the types of wildlife you’ll find here)

Head out on a whale watching trip or a bird watching vacation. And bring your camera! You may have a few chances to photograph some local wildlife.


Looking for a challenge? Well, cycling on Salt Spring’s roads will provide it. The multitude of hills and curves, coupled with narrow roadside shoulders and spurts of heavy traffic can make for a rigorous (and slightly treacherous) cycle.

A popular route for cyclists arriving in Fulford Harbour is to head straight up the road from the ferry (Beaver Point Road) staying right, and continuing on Beaver Point Rd to the east, then south into Ruckle Park.

Skate Park

Got teens that have had it with all the nature and relaxation? Swing them by The Kanaka Rd. Skatepark for some fun with local kids who share an interest. It’s tucked into a cozy little pocket of Ganges.




A few outfits offer kayak rentals and tours. I recently went on a tour with Island Escapades and found the guides to be very knowledgeable about the island’s history and marine life, etc. It’s a great way to get up close with the coastal surroundings and create some fun memories. Rent a kayak, or take a guided paddle with one of the following tour companies…

Salt Spring Adventure Co | Island Escapades kayak tours

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Rent a paddle board in Ganges and explore the harbour. Dockside Mechanical in Ganges has the best deal for SUP rentals on Salt Spring.

Fishing & Crabbing

Enjoy the bounty of our waters! Opportunities to ‘reel one in’ are plentiful on Salt Spring Island. In the lakes, you’ll find rainbow and cutthroat trout, perch and small-mouth bass. The ocean offers cod, salmon and halibut. Harvest shellfish (clams, oysters, mussels) when there are no Red Tide warnings, or drop your crab trap to catch some Rock or Dungeness crab.

Scuba Diving

Canada’s Gulf Islands are renowned as one of the best cold-water diving destinations in the world. Our waters boast artificial reefs (i.e., the GB Church in the Princess Margaret Marine Park), caves, and pinnacles and a bevy of fascinating sea life. Wall-dives are popular, as are shallow-water dives in the intertidal areas.

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